Migraine Management & Treatment Options

As part of raising awareness on Migraine disease, the Emirates Neurology Society (EMINS) and Emirates Headache Chapter, in conjunction with Pfizer, organized a public campaign titled ‘Migraine Matters’ in June to mark the Migraine Awareness Month.

Migraines are recognized as a debilitating and disabling condition that affect 15% of the population. Migraine is a chronic disease that can affect the quality of life of patients, severely impacting patients’ daily lives. If not diagnosed and treated adequately, migraine attacks can worsen with time, and possibly increase in frequency of attacks and severity of pain experienced.

Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi, who is a Headache Specialist and Consultant Neurologist and head of Neurology Department at Mediclinic Hospital, Dubai, UAE, highlighted that “Migraines should be treated in both pharmacological and non-pharmacological way”. He advised on the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits, and recommended patients to identify their migraine triggers and try their best to avoid them. Avoiding triggering factors and modifications in lifestyle can bring reductions in the frequency of migraine headaches. He also discussed the different treatment and management for acute management and preventive treatments for migraine.

The pain and discomfort experienced due to migraines should be diagnosed and treated appropriately and early on. Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi advised the public of the importance of seeking help and advised patients to visit a Headache specialist who can identify the root cause of pain experienced, and appropriately diagnose and treat this disease.

Dr. Alessandro also mentions that the future of migraine management looks much brighter than the past in the awareness campaign. Watch the full video to listen Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi’s video for “Migraine Matters” awareness campaign discussing Migraine Management and Treatment Options.